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May 23 10 7:38 PM

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Can anyone advise me on what type or size of camper you can pull with a car or small truck (like a ford Ranger?) I have done a lot of camping through the years in tents and popups. I am now a single mother and I don't have the vehicles or money for a big settup. I have to tent camp at the present time due to financial issues however; I have fibromyalgia and back problems and it is getting harder for me to deal with putting up tents and trying to sleep on air mattresses. I really like the smaller uprights like the new one that one of the members just bought but I don't know what I could pull it with. I only have a 4 cylinder Dawoo car. My son will get his grandfather's Ford Ranger in two years when he gets his license.I hope to purchase a used upright if I ever get approved for my disability but I want to be aware of what I need in case a deal too good to turn down ever comes up. I know that popups can be pulled with a car but my dad has one now that the entire top rotted out on and the cables tore up. He took the whole top off and built a frame out of pipes which does work but very hard for me to put up. I just prefer an upright so everything is always ready when we get there.
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May 23 10 9:23 PM

With your health problems.. I think it's smart to look at a small travel trailer instead of a pop up. If you can give us the exact year, make and model of your town vehicle.. someone can probably look up the tow rating.

However.. I would guess a DAEWOO car is not going to be able to pull much more than 1000 lbs.. maybe 1500. You are probably not going to find a trailer you can pull with that car.

As for the Ford Ranger.. again year, make and model would help. Is it a 4 cyl.. or a small V6? Regular or super cab,.. Is it automatic or straight shift? Ranger tow ratings vary.. from 2000 lbs to 5000. So try and get a little more info.

Remember.. if your vehicle is rated to two 5000 lbs.. it doesn't mean you buy a 5000lb camper. You must allow for things you put in the camper and in the tow vehicle.

The tow rating on my truck is 6100 lbs.. I probably wouldn't pull a camper that weighed much over 4000 lbs.

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May 23 10 10:21 PM

there are lightweight rvs you should be able to pull with your sons vehicle. Besides popups there are teardrops, scamper type rvs and the hybrids which would be my first pick for you and myself. If you want to have someone to help you look for some locally just let me know. I live in Church Hill so were close

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May 26 10 10:10 AM

One of those little teardrops would solve the immediate problem, but I'd wait till the Ford Ranger is available and get an upright. The smaller Popups are easier to set up than the larger ones, but add an air conditioner and even the little ones get hard to crank up. And don't expect much from the bed on a POP-Up. It's generally just a fairly thin cheap foam pad. Feels fine at first, but gets flatter as the night wears on. Wait and get a small travel trailer if you can stand the wait. I wouldn't tow anything more than a teardrop with your small car. Here's a link to a teardrop

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